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I don’t even know.
Still want them to do a movie together. Preferably where they play brothers. Who commit crimes. And smoke. And wear suits.


I don’t even know.

Still want them to do a movie together. Preferably where they play brothers. Who commit crimes. And smoke. And wear suits.

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10 Songs for Boning | Oh! Darling — The Beatles


My life.


My life.

fuck new directions and the dalton warblers, the hipsters were/are far superior. 

lol reading about addressing protocols 

they’re saying premade labels are tacky.


when i got home from the social network and decided to google the winklevi to see if they’re as good looking in reality 



it’s not that harry potter are necessarily bad books

they’re a lot better than many out there and if we’re going to do the twilight/hp thing i’d of course pick hermione, ginny and luna as role models for my daughter than bella swan because stephanie meyer seems to actively hate women whereas rowling seems to just not care/is unaware of how little attention she pays (internalized sexism? maybe, or maybe just poor writing)

it’s just that they’re by no means perfect

she has a decent premise but there was so much more she could have done

  • what about ron’s strategizing
  • what about dean thomas
  • what about the fact that harry grew up in a cupboard because uh she never really deals with it and i find it hard to believe that the abuse he suffered affects a person so little
  • what about hermione’s EVERYTHING we know her parents are dentists and uh…. that’s it basically
  • what about ginny who fought a goddamn war during camping: the novel
  • in fact
  • camping: the novel: WHY
  • saying post-book dumbledore was gay doesn’t mean shit because it’s what in the books that matters, not your interviews
  • give me more background on every character in the book, lady
  • ugh
  • ugh
  • i want to rewrite the books with some hardcore editing because they could be really great despite the brave white male/smart female/everyman male friend main character main cast
  • mrs. weasley
  • i always thought hermione was black. js. basically TELL US THINGS ABOUT HERMIONE. anything. anything
  • malfoys. regulus and sirius and andromeda and bella and narcissa. MITFORDS. 
  • redemptive arc for draco?? she basically set it up/set up internality for him in book six, possibly more than we ever got for, say, hermione or ginny, and then dropped the plotline.
  • sirius and harry’s relationship - please show don’t tell
  • the marauders were teenage assholes. please do something with this. possibly tie it into draco’s redemptive arc and compare/contrast with james and snape.
  • ron weasley
  • do something with him
  • he is one of your main characters
  • also hermione
  • she is the main girl
  • also ginny and neville. GINNY. AND. NEVILLE.

#i have become really bitter about hp now that i’m not 15


Also the whole World War III aspect of Voldemort’s takeover. Does the US wizarding government or any other wizarding government not find this Hitler stand-in a threat to like the entire world? Why is the fate of wizarding England left in the hands of schoolchildren? Where are all the queer witches and wizards? Do non-Western countries have spells that don’t have romance language roots? Is Hogwarts really all that? What about wizarding schools in Dubai or Dakar or Jakarta? Why is England the center of the world? It’s not the 17th century anymore. C’mon, son. Get it together.

Yes!  Like, I was always confused on the whole international deal when it came to Voldemort’s raise to power.  I do not believe for one moment that no one at least in rest in Europe that did not think he posed a threat to their Wizarding communities.  Also did any other Wizarding community withdraw from the “Muggle society” or was it strictly a British thing.  What about Brit wizards and witches need to infantilize Muggle society when they are more technologically advance and able to take care of its own.  I mean, never liked how they kept Muggle England, etc in the dark regarding Voldemort and his crew.  They are attacking them through spells and the sort but they cannot defend themselves because suddenly they cannot be trust?  Didn’t JKR say that they didn’t go separate ways until, like, the 1700s.

I also didn’t think she tackled the whole race deal will enough too.  She had all these parallels to the Holocaust and slavery but she never properly followed through.  Like, the thing with the house elves and SPEW.  Basically that storyline ended with “Well, slavery is a-okay if the slaves like their masters”, which LOL k.  And please do not tell me racism was replaced with the whole blood purity bullshit too.  Did Dean have issues cause he is black?  How about Cho Chang being Asian?  And, speaking of Cho, WHY THE FUCK WAS SHE VILLANIZED FOR BEING SAD ABOUT HER BOYFRIEND’S MURDER AND STICKING UP FOR HER FRIENDS?  I do not understand how people say “Harry Potter taught me about tolerance” when everything that could have been a teaching lesson was never followed through or happened offscreen.  I will always be bitter over the pat on the back people give her for making Dumbledore gay when it was never textual in the book.  Just reminded ~subtext and it didn’t happen until the last book.  Seriously?  Am I supposed to celebrate that and why did everyone’s happy ending came with lots of children, etc?  Meh.


why the fuck would you name your child apple 

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