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mcu meme - one movie: iron man 2

oh well I don’t mind, if you don’t mind, ‘cause I don’t shine if you don’t shine, before you go, can you read my mind?

oh well I don’t mind, if you don’t mind, ‘cause I don’t shine if you don’t shine, before you go, can you read my mind?

i really wish iron man 2 could be popular again so justin hammer and ivan vanko were relevant again so i could ship them and have their otp name be : ‘otp: if you’re a bird i’m a bird’

people who think tony stark would be a democrat 

The Arc Reactor/element Tony Stark creates in IM2 and the Tesseract are made of the same stuff: A meta-post by justinhammer 

So when I left the theatre after seeing The Avengers, one of the things that stuck to me was the fact that Loki’s sceptre didn’t work when he touched it to the arc reactor. One could easily say that it was because it touched something other than flesh, but in my head, it was something else. Rather than it being simply that it didn’t touch /him/ in a sense, it didn’t work because the new core of the arc reactor is the same stuff that the Tesseract is made up of, and therefore they cancelled each other out. 

We know that Howard Stark created the arc reactor as a green source of living, but at the time of its creation, which would have likely been between 1960-1970 (we’re never given an exact date, but the video shown in Iron Man 2 of Howard talking to the camera is from 1974, which is also the expo where the element is embedded in the structure of the thing, so it had to have been worked on for a while before that), and the “green energy crisis” is a relatively new one, despite the fact that the theory of peak oil being published for the first time in 1956. While I’m sure he saw the necessity of it, I do doubt that he would have been that intensely focused on the need and necessity of self sustainable energy at the time, at least without a push for something.

And that push? The original finding of the Tesseract, or rather, the substance from the Tesseract that the Howling Commandos brought back after the first raid of HYDRA. We’re only shown  brief segment of Howard testing it, which I think was mostly for comic relief as he’s blown back away from it, but I have no doubt that he would have spent quite a lot of time researching it, trying to understand it, and all that kind of thing. He knew where it stemmed from and probably was itching to get his hands on it. He knew that it could possibly be a power source unlike anything previously seen, or imagined likely, and I’m sure he would have loved to be able to work with it directly. 

That note brings me to the fact that Tony says, in The Avengers, and in regards to Steve Rogers, that “that’s the guy my dad never shut up about?”, but I don’t think Howard would have talked that much about Steve. Not directly about him, at least. Sure Howard worked on the Super Soldier Serum, but besides a few scenes, there is never given any indication that they became close friends. He’s not seen going out with the Howling Commandos or anything like that, or mentioned in terms of friends of Steve’s. Howard was merely doing his job. But of course, Steve, and his disappearance would have been something spoken of, but why? Because it was also when the Tesseract was discovered, and, as seen in the end montage of CA:TFA, Howard leads a search for what may be assumed to be Steve, but likely would have also been focused on the Tesseract, which they do find, giving Howard the chance to finally really study it. So instead Howard was in fact talking about everything else as well, but Tony being young at the time (born in 71), though a genius, would have likely picked up on elements on conversations Howard had, even though he didn’t understand the full meaning of it. He would have likely heard/seen Captain America comics as well, which was why Steve Rogers stuck more than anything else.

Now comes the time after the war, where Howard has the Tesseract in his position/available to him. He knows it’s alien, which means no matter how much he could work out about it, there would still be things he didn’t understand. Fast forward to the partnership with Vanko. Why would someone who was so heavily involved in the American side of the war, choose to work with a Soviet in the middle of the cold war? “Defected” or not, I’m sure there would have still likely been some scepticism around it. But what did the Soviet have during the 50s and 60s? The Soviet Space Program, which at the time was believed to be more/further advanced than the American. What if this was where Vanko had been working, and Howard took him, or even went and got him which was then called defected due to the cold war? Howard would have been hoping to learn more about space, and perhaps hope that Vanko could answer questions he had about it, and where it came from. Vanko, in the end, did come to understand more about the Tesseract, and tried to steal /it/, rather than the arc reactor technology, and Howard had him deported, but told the public it was because of the arc reactor because the Tesseract was being kept a secret. 

What if Howard did “connect” with the Tesseract? Selvig says that “The Tesseract is showing me so much. It’s more than knowledge…it’s truth.” Could the Tesseract have shown Howard its elemental structure, which is what he then realises that he won’t be able to create in his time, since he is limited by his technology, as he puts it, but seeing how rapidly it’s developing, he hopes, more likely than truly believes, that Tony will be able to create it one day. 

They also say, at the start of The Avengers, when the Tesseract is acting out, if you will, that they should shut down power, which it turns out they have, but it’s creating its own. That is, in effect, what the arc reactor does as well. 

TL;DR The element Tony creates in Iron Man 2 is the same stuff the Tesseract is made up of, and why Loki’s sceptre doesn’t work on him. 

We are coming for you

Is it better to be feared, or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both?

crying because of the relationship between tony of yinsen.