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Never felt so empty.

Never felt so empty.

i don’t know what to do yet so i am just going through and downloading texture packs

"Oh, he’s cool"
— My Dad, on Loki

omg time for the stuttgart scene


((LOL the one time Steve gets something before Tony))

their one last wish is that you pay for it

Tech Porn: Periodic Table Scene



I understand that they cut it for pacing and I agree with the choice but I love that in this scene Tony’s first reaction was to pick up a gun and fight and not just run.

I love this deleted scene so much. Not only is it wonderfully proactive, which I adore on principle, it underscores something people tend to gloss over: Tony was a weapons designer and manufacturer. He designed and built weapons for a living. He knows how to use a gun, okay? He can likely take it apart, clean it, improve it, put it back together again, and hit what he aims at. He does not need Natasha or Clint to take him to the shooting range and teach him which end of a gun goes bang. Why doesn’t the gun work here? It jammed. That’s it. It happens.

In short: Tony Stark does not need the suit to be a badass.